Existing Dreamland

Who says
dreamland never

Just so you know,i just found this great place.I know I sound crazy but sorry i’m not.
I do hesitate about it the first I heard it,so i can’t blame you for thinking that way too.
Dreamland is actually a place where you can just be yourself – without pretensions, without an effort of pleasing and be pleased. A place far from noise in the streets, far from the fast pacing technology in the world; a place you thought would never exist, a place that will bring out the simplest and rearest part of you.
When you thought you can never be at ease, will never be comforted, will never find serenity and simplest luxury – well, here is dreamland to break all those thoughts.
This is a place that made me realize that I can still found joy in the simplest yet genuine way I could – thanks to DREAMLAND for serving me in the most simple yet lavishing way it could.👍👍👏👏




It’s now concrete noun:)